Quake Damages About 370 Hualien Homes 918強震花蓮3鄉鎮災情慘 370民宅受損

C. Chuang
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The 918 earthquake caused severe damage in three townships in southern Hualien. A survey showed 370 residences sustained damage, including 76 that need to be reinforced.Tzu Chi Foundation and TSMC have committed to assisting with the repairs and reconstruction.

A mother and daughter pair who were trapped inside a collapsed convenience store in Hualien's Yuli Township during the 918 earthquake were discharged from a hospital on Sept. 28. They said they can't remember what happened after the ground started shaking, but are happy that their family can now be reunited. They also thanked all the rescue personnel.  

Ms. Ye, 918 Earthquake Victim: “It really was hard to breathe inside, and it was more painful when lying down on my side. I was lying on my stomach for about two hours, which wasn't long compared to previous disasters.”

The three Hualien townships of Yuli, Fuli, and Zhuoxi sustained extensive damage in the quake. A survey showed that 370 residences were damaged, including 76 that are no longer inhabitable and need to be reinforced. Tzu Chi Foundation and TSMC have committed to helping with the repairs and reconstruction.

Jung Yi-hung, Manager, Field Office, Public Utilities Service Dept., TSMC: “We would like to help county residents and ensure that they all have safe homes so that they can have peaceful hearts.”

Yen Po-wen, CEO, Tzu Chi Foundation: “So far, there are a total of 76 residences that were assessed to have sustained relatively severe damage. Tzu Chi will repair or rebuild all of them.”

Hualien County Magistrate Hsu Chen-wei thanked the foundation and the company for their assistance. The plan is for TSMC to take charge of damaged homes in Fuli Township's Zhutian Village and areas to the north and for Tzu Chi to take charge of Zhuoxi and Yuli townships. The county government will handle any demolition work.

Hsu Chen-wei, Magistrate, Hualien County: “Anything in danger of collapsing or posing a risk to public safety will be demolished. The county government will handle the demolition.”

Tzu Chi Foundation has also sponsored four schools that sustained extensive damage. Repairs to the homes of middle to low income households and solitary senior citizens will be prioritized, and the foundation will send volunteers to check up on residents.