Ko Supports Kao and Denies Misusing Words 力挺高虹安「惡霸說」 柯文哲否認失言

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je's remark once again sparked controversy after he supported TPP Hsinchu mayoral candidate Kao Hung-an, who is involved in a plagarism controversy, saying it's like a bully who wanted to sexually assault a girl. 

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “Her internet coverage in just two days is more than Chen Shih-chung combined for a week. This is unacceptable. Why do I use such strong words? Because of empathy for Kao Hung-an. She worked so hard to get her degree. Something she would have been proud of. As a result of you, this is no longer possible. This kind of cyber-attack and TV station coverage is no longer verbal bullying, but personality destruction.”

Vivian Huang, Taipei Mayoral Candidate: “Mayor Ko's logic is right. Everyone can discuss whether his metaphor is appropriate or not. But I think the point is the nature of this topic. That is to say, the thief itself is shouting to catch the thief.”