Japan Reopens Border to Ind. Tourists Starting Oct. 11 日本10/11開放自由行 0+7新制掀旅遊潮

G. Chen
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Travel agencies are taking advantage of the situation, offering a 7-day travel package to Tokyo at less than NT$18,000 per person. 

Business is finally heating up for travel agencies in Taiwan as CECC announced that the mandatory quarantine requirement is changed to 0+7 starting Oct. 13. Agencies have been busy picking up calls asking about plane tickets and tour packages traveling to Japan since Japan has also announced to reopen their border to independent tourists and cancel the daily cap on arrivals starting Oct. 11. 

Shan Feng, Vice President, Lion Travel: “The autumn foliage season is coming up and many would like to travel to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto to view maple trees. The plane ticket price has gone up about 30 to 40 percent, but due to the depreciation of the Japanese Yen, travelers get to save up in shopping.”

Agencies laid out various tour packages to Japan with maple-viewing, skiing, or new year's eve themes for travelers to choose from. Individual 7-day travel packages to Tokyo cost as low as NT$17,888 per person for departure on Oct. 11 and NT$15,888 for 5 days departing on Oct. 13. The peak season for traveling can be foreseen to last till March of 2023 for sakura viewing. Ticket prices will likely stay high since demand shall exceed supply. As to when the government will start allowing tour groups to go out and come in to Taiwan, Transportation and Communications Minister Wang Kwo-tsai said it is time for the travel industry to get ready.

Wang Kwo-tsai, Minister of Transportation and Communications: “Let's see how it goes from Oct. 13 and onward. It takes time for traveling to go back to normal. So I think now is the time for the industry to get ready and make contacts with travel agencies from other countries and also plan for our own group packages.”

With countries around the world mostly opening up their borders, Minister Wang said the Taiwanese government has also set up post-pandemic tourism policies and made necessary arrangements and training for safe traveling to welcome tourists back to the island.