Weather Unstable Starting Friday Night in North and Northeast 週五晚起受影響 北部.東北部天氣不穩

P. Hsu
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Another tropical depression has intensified and might become the 15th typhoon of the season Talas. Although it will not hit Taiwan, starting Friday night, weather in the country's northeastern part will become unstable, especially in mountainous areas, which will see heavy rain.

The tropical depression located in the seas southeast of Japan has the possibility to become the 15th typhoon of the season "Talas" in the next two days. Starting on the 23rd, the weather in the northern and eastern regions will become unstable.

Hsu Chung-i, Weather Forecaster, CWB: “If the system's water vapor is relatively close, it will bring more moisture to the country's eastern region. Heavy rain is possible all weekend in the Northeast, Keelung, and Greater Taipei. ”

Rain in the north will ease after Monday the 26th, but there will still be sporadic rain in the east. According to meteorological experts, there may be another typhoon during Sept. 28 to 29, but there are still uncertainties in the forecast. People should pay attention to weather information when planning outdoor activities.

Chia Hsin-hsing, Director, Taiwan Integrated Disaster Prevention of Technology Engineering Consulting Company: “There may be a chance for the low pressure to develop on the 27th and 28th. Looks like there is a chance for the system to become the No. 16 typhoon this year around the 29th, which seems to be also heading towards Japan.”

Experts estimate that temperatures from East Asia to Taiwan have a relatively high probability of being warm even though we are about to enter the winter season. Except for the east and northeast, the probability of rainfall in other parts of the country may be normal to low. The public is advised to conserve water.