New Taipei City Police Arrest Three Ring Members 查柬埔寨人口販運 新北警破人蛇集團

Many Taiwanese people have become victims of human traffickers in Cambodia and Myanmar. Police in New Taipei City and Tainan recently busted human trafficking rings, and say they will continue tracing these rings to their source to determine if there is organized crime behind them.

“This is the police, step out of the car. This is the police, step out of the car.”New Taipei City police officers arrest the main suspect in a human trafficking ring. They then apprehended two accomplices. They also seized mobile phones, passport application receipts, account books, and other evidence. Many Taiwanese people have been trafficked to Cambodia in recent times. The police have stepped up interviews with family members of victims. The New Taipei City police recently discovered that a man surnamed Ke had been tricked into going to Cambodia to work for a fraud ring by someone he met while doing his military service. He was also imprisoned. The police investigated and busted a human trafficking ring.

Shen Cheng-chi, Dep. Chief, Criminal Investigation Brigade, Xizhi Precinct: “The task force followed the clues and arrested three people including a man surnamed Hsu that made up a human trafficking ring on the 15th. It also confiscated mobile phones, passport application receipts, passbooks, and account books used in committing the crimes as evidence.”

The Tainan City Police Department's Yongkang Precinct also busted a human trafficking ring after receiving a tip. After several days of lying in wait and following, the police arrested the snakehead surnamed Tsai and four accomplices and seized NT$230,000 in cash, computers, and mobile phones. They will be investigated for organized crime, fraud, obstruction of freedom, and human trafficking. Prosecutors obtained permission from a court to keep Tsai in detention.

Chen Yung-chih, Chief, Criminal Investigation Brigade, Yongkang Precinct: “Several days ago, this precinct identified a location that we suspected was being used to interview and recruit Taiwanese people in order to traffic them to Cambodia. We asked the Tainan District Prosecutors Office to lead the investigation. This ring had online ads offering a monthly salary of NT$100,000 to do typing work in Cambodia to lure people into applying and coming for interviews.”

The police urged the public to ignore information from dubious sources and offers of jobs overseas with high salaries and easy work so that they won't end up being used, controlled, or compelled to commit crimes by illegal groups. Those who apply for jobs online should be extra careful. The police and prosecutors will continue cracking down on domestic human trafficking rings.