KMT Political Newbie Protests Outside Kaohsiung Party Office 藍高議員登記風波 參選新人赴黨部抗議

KMT's Kaohsiung City Councilor Lina Chen, who originally announced that she would not run for re-election, has decided to run afterall. This has triggered much discontent from others such Chen Shih-ming who has decided to show up at the party office to protest and demanded Chairperson Hsu Fu-ming to resign.

“Safeguard youths in politics, counter injustice.”

Supporters raise placards to protest; KMT Kaohsiung Cianjhen Siaogang District city council candidate Chen Shih-ming discontented that the current city councilor Lina Chen, who supposedly was not running, suddenly registered to run in early September. This may not only impact the results of political newbies but also is disrespectful of primary election mechanisms. He brought supporters to the party office on Sept. 14 and demanded office chair Hsu Fu-ming resign to be responsible.

Chen Shih-ming, KMT City Council Candidate for Kaohsiung 10th District: “If this incident just passes without leaving a trace, in the future the "Lina Chen Provision" would become customary practice. Not only in Kaohsiung, but everywhere, even if the incumbent candidate or his or her assistant's poll results lose to new candidates, they can still use Lina Chen's provision to run.”

Supporter of Chen Shih-ming: “If you still do not give young people a chance, how are you going to win?”

Supporters screamed loudly in anger at the door; meanwhile, perhaps worried about party solidarity, KMT Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Ko Chih-en and Hsu Fu-ming remained low-key and did not respond. The office only sent out a representative to receive the protest letter.

Chang Yong-jieh, Executive Secretary, Third Div., KMT Kaohsiung Office: “We will accept his protest letter and submit it to the Chair.”

Lina Chen emphasized that running is to secure the guaranteed quota for women and increase a seat to vote for the election of the city council speaker. 

Lina Chen, Kaohsiung City Councilor (KMT): “If I run, then it will be that I have the chance, probably a higher chance than (DPP candidate Huang Yong-hsiu) to win. If I have a better chance to obtain the guaranteed woman's quota seat, that'd mean DPP would have one fewer seat and KMT would have one more seat.”

Lina Chen notes that she never intended to hurt the nominated candidate and harbors the hope that the party will unite in the last phase. As the year-end election is fast approaching, if the anger within KMT is not subsided soon, it may affect pan-blue elections.