Poll Shows Hou With Huge Lead Over Lin 綠民代新莊民調 侯支持度49.9%.林僅26.3%

An opinion poll conducted by an elected official belonging to the DPP in New Taipei City's Xinzhuang District showed that nearly 50 percent support KMT candidate Hou Yu-ih and DPP candidate Lin Chia-lung trailed far behind with 26 percent support. Hou didn't comment when asked about the poll, while Lin said the main point is that Hou's support has fallen under 50 percent.

“Let's get Lin Chia-lung elected! Let's get Lin Chia-lung elected!”

Private hire vehicle drivers chant slogans and show off cars plastered with materials supporting DPP New Taipei City mayoral candidate Lin Chia-lung. They were supporting him in gratitude for his private hire vehicle policy during his stint as transportation and communications minister. Lin has announced several transport-related policies, including a free hour of parking for taxi drivers during midday for them to eat and rest. Meanwhile, the media reported the results of an opinion poll reportedly conducted by a DPP elected official in New Taipei City's Xinzhuang District. The poll found that 49.9 percent of respondents supported KMT candidate Hou Yu-ih. Lin lagged far behind at 26.3 percent. The difference between the two candidates was 23.6 percent. When asked to comment, Lin said that although Hou is in the lead, his support has already fallen under 50 percent.

Lin Chia-lung, DPP New Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “The results are similar to an opinion poll conducted before the election in 2014. The incumbent's support has already fallen to under 50 percent. We now have more of a chance.”

Hou Yu-ih, KMT New Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “The most important thing for me now is doing my duties as mayor well. ”

Hou said his priority remains municipal administration. He attended an interpellation at the New Taipei City Council on Sept. 14. Some councilors complained that the city's welfare policies are inferior to those of Taipei. Hou said the budgets of the two cities can't be compared.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “The overall distribution of taxes is only half (that of Taipei).”
Lo Wen-chung, New Taipei City Councilor (DPP): “Does the mayor frequently raise this issue with the central government?”
Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “That's a fact!  ”

DPP councilors questioned Hou's administration and attacked him for his handling of the Nylon Cheng case during his time in the Taipei City Police Department. They claimed he chose to arrest Cheng instead of using more peaceful measures.

Lin Chia-lung, DPP New Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “Family members have to right to know the truth about how Mayor Hou came to this decision during that time.”

Hou Yu-ih, KMT New Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “I respect the differing opinions of everyone. I am working hard to serve the people.”

Hou didn't take the bait hurled at him by his opponent, hoping to keep the election campaign civil and focused on municipal issues.




「林佳龍當選! 林佳龍當選!」不但喊口號,還將自己的多元計程車貼上支持林佳龍的文宣,這些司機用行動感謝過去林佳龍在交通部長任內的多元計程車政策,林佳龍說如果當選,將會讓計程車司機,中午時段在新北市停車格免費停一小時用餐休息等等多項交通政見,想要爭取更多選民支持。