Pingtung to Discipline Late Deliveries? 中秋包裹多 屏東郵局延遲投遞要究責?

Many people are sending Mid-Autumn Festival gifts by post, and the number of packages handled by Chunghwa Post has doubled in the run-up to the holiday. Mail carriers have been extremely busy, and there are reports that the Pingtung County Post Office will discipline mail carriers if packages don't arrive on time.

Packages are piled up in the distribution center, and many of them are Mid-Autumn Festival gifts such as boxes of pomelos. Lugging these heavy boxes around is not easy for postal workers, and there is the added pressure of having to deliver all of them by Sept. 8, including to outlying islands. For deliveries to Liuqiu, postal trucks were waiting at the port long before the ships arrived.

Chunghwa Post Mail Carrier: “There are a lot. (A lot? Are you working overtime every day?) Yes, we're working overtime and they've also hired more people.”

Chunghwa Post announced that all Mid-Autumn Festival packages received by Sept. 6 would be delivered by Sept. 8. The Pingtung County Post Office subsequently notified all employees that they would be held responsible and disciplined if packages don't arrive on time.

Yeh Shih-chieh, Director-General, Pingtung Branch, CPWU: “The notice actually created more pressure on our colleagues, so the union is closely following the matter and learning more about the situation.”

Chiu Shih-hsien, Director, Pingtung County Post Office: “It was actually to (remind the management to) properly plan and schedule, and to visit with grassroots colleagues to see how they're doing.”

The Pingtung County Post Office said the notice was to remind the management about planning and scheduling, as well as to show concern for grassroots workers, and it hopes there aren't any misunderstandings. The Kaohsiung City Post Office is also handling a large number of packages, about 5,000 a day for the past 10 days. The peak was Sept. 6.

Yeh An-jan, Deputy Director, Kaohsiung City Post Office: “Private services stopped accepting packages earlier, so many people turned to the post office.”

Chunghwa Post said the volume this year is about the same compared to last year. Last year, it delivered 360,000 boxes of pomelos. This year, it delivered 320,000 boxes. It speculated that the pomelo harvesting time this year was closer to the Mid-Autumn Festival, causing a glut of packages. After the holiday, it will hold meetings to review and plan the handling of busy seasons.