National Freeway 5 to See HOV Controls over Holiday 秋節連假! 國五南下車潮湧現.高乘載管制

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend will last from Sept. 9 to 11. National Freeway 5 began seeing heavy traffic starting on the morning of Sept. 8. The Freeway Bureau announced high-occupancy vehicle controls for the freeway to prevent congestion. 

Chang Keng-tsung, Acting Director, Traffic Mgmt. Division, Freeway Bureau: “The high-occupancy vehicle controls will be in place for northbound lanes of National Freeway 5 between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the second and third days of the long weekend. We'll have checkpoints at Toucheng, Yilan, Luodong, and Suao.”

Li Tsung-yang, Section Director, Transportation Dept., Taiwan Railway: “If you need to eat while taking the train or have other physiological needs, you must follow disease prevention regulations and put on your mask once you're done.”

Taiwan Railway reminded passengers that they must wear masks aboard trains in accordance with current disease prevention regulations. They can remove masks to eat, but need to put them back on once they're done. It has added 127 trains to the schedule between Sept. 8 and 12 for the holiday, as well as 60 train carriages to existing services, with a focus on Eastern Line services.







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