Robert Tsao Regains Taiwan Citizenship 曹興誠秀中華民國身分證 推2計畫抗中侵台

Former UMC Chairperson Robert Tsao previously announced a donation of NT$3 billion to help Taiwan bolster its defenses. Shortly after, he gave up his Singapore citizenship and regained his Taiwanese citizenship. On Sept. 1, he convened a press conference to say there are two major action plans for the use of the NT$3 billion.

Robert Tsao, Former UMC Chairperson: “I'm really excited, and also very happy. People can no longer say that I'm an outside power coming here to interfere.”

Former UMC Chairperson Robert Tsao held up his Taiwan ID card and once again expressed his determination to stand up against China.

Robert Tsao, Former UMC Chairperson: “I returned to Taiwan, and I will die in Taiwan. I know that I won't live to see the Chinese Communists turning Taiwan into another Hong Kong.”

Tsao wore a bulletproof vest during the press conference he convened. There was also a bulletproof helmet on the table in front of him and security guards holding bulletproof briefcases on either side of him. Tsao previously announced a NT$3 billion donation to bolster Taiwan's defenses. He said there are no political motives, and the money is meant to prepare to prevent China's invasion of Taiwan. Of that amount, NT$600 million will be spent on training a militia force of three million "Formosan black bear warriors" within three years, and NT$400 million will be used to train over 300,000 civilian sharpshooters.

Robert Tsao, Former UMC Chairperson: “We will train three million civilian warriors that can assist in the regional defense. We're calling them "Formosan black bear warriors." I'm spending NT$600 million on this plan. The other plan is rapidly training over 300,000 civilian sharpshooters, and I'm willing to put in NT$400 million.”

Tsao was asked what qualifications he believes Taiwan's next president should have. He said he isn't qualified to run, and what's most precious about Taiwan is its democratic system, adding that a sound system is more important than an outstanding leader.

Robert Tsao, Former UMC Chairperson: “I don't hold any hopes that Taiwan will have a great president, but we do have hopes for all of Taiwan's systems. I came back to remind everyone about resisting China and protecting Taiwan, as well as make judicial improvements.”

KMT Vice Chairperson Andrew Hsia recently made a trip to China and met with government officials. Tsao said he supports expressions of Taiwan's political power, but not the mention of the 1992 Consensus, as he believes the current cross-strait situation is different than what it was in the past.







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