Lin Chia-lung Registers for New Taipei Mayor Election 林佳龍登記參選新北市長 再邀侯友宜辯論

After registering for the New Taipei City mayor election, the DPP's Lin Chia-lung challenged opponent Hou Yu-ih to a debate. Hou has not yet registered for the race. In Taipei, candidates Chen Shih-chung and Vivian Huang fired shots at each other over social housing.

After registering for the New Taipei City mayor election, the DPP's Lin Chia-lung challenged opponent Hou Yu-ih to a debate. Lin then accused Hou of disregarding residential justice in Banqiao.

Lin Chia-lung, New Taipei City Mayor Candidate (DPP): “You sold social housing as luxury residences at over NT$850,000 per ping. You're killing chickens to steal their eggs. I will stop this when I am elected.”

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor Candidate (KMT): “My campaign office will decide the best time for me to register for the race. I am still giving my full attention to my mayoral duties as they are what's most important.”

Hou shot down Lin's claim, saying the Finance Department has no plans for a tender. Hou also said his office would decide on a good time for him to register for the race as he remains focused on his mayoral duties.

Chen Shih-chung, Taipei City Mayor Candidate (DPP): “Hello, big brothers and big sisters at the market. Hello, everyone. Good morning, everyone. I am Chen Shih-chung. Everyone can call me Ah-chung. I hope everyone will vote for me at the end of the year.”

In Taipei, the DPP's Chen Shih-chung asked shoppers at the produce market and fish market to vote for him. Vivian Huang, meanwhile, returned to her home district of Neihu. After Chen accused the Ko Wen-je administration of exploiting social housing, Huang fired back, calling Chen's policy of lowering rent "short-sighted."

Vivian Huang, Taipei City Mayor Candidate (IND): “(Lowering rent) to sustain social housing is incredibly short-sighted. All you're after by touting that is votes. You're completely ignoring what will happen to social housing long-term after the election. How will social housing be maintained and managed without supplementary measures?”

Huang further said sustainable social housing is not just a slogan to be thrown around and sustainability can't come at the cost of long-term public funding that squeezes out infrastructure and public welfare programs.












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