Robert Tsao Trying to Get ROC Citizenship Reinstated 曹興誠恢復台籍 強調要留在台灣終老

During an interview on Aug. 25, former UMC Chair Robert Tsao said he had applied to reinstate his Republic of China citizenship and that he has decided to die in Taiwan and not somewhere else.

Program Host, Radio Free Asia: “You've applied? ”
Robert Tsao, Former UMC Chair: “ get my Republic of China citizenship reinstated. Yes. Of course I want to get it reinstated. You can't be out there calling on everyone to oppose the Communists while you're hiding somewhere else. Taiwanese people need morale. My return today is extremely symbolic. Many people say you should leave Taiwan as soon as possible. Many people are trying to. Me, I gave up my Singaporean citizenship to come back. I'm back to be with everyone. I'm back to tell everyone that I have already decided to die in Taiwan.”

Robert Tsao recently donated NT$3 billion to shore up the national defense in Taiwan. He has also announced he has given up his Singaporean citizenship to get his Republic of China citizenship reinstated. Tsao, who previously called for a referendum on peaceful reunification, says he was never pro-reunification and all he wanted was an end to martial law. He says he is now staunchly and vocally anti-Communist because of gangster attacks on citizens during the 2019 Yuen Long Attack.





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