Xizhi Police Killer Still Not Executed 汐止殺警案重嫌至今未伏法 家屬難接受

Back in 2005, two police officers were attacked by gangsters with sharp knives during patrol, resulting in the death of a officer surnamed洪. One of the suspects was sentenced to death, but the execusion has not been carried out after 17 years. 

Two police officers were killed in the line of duty in Tainan. Family members of police officer Hung Chung-nan who died on duty in Xizhi back in 2005 were saddened to see this happen. 

Officer Hung Chung-nan's Mother: “The two murders. We have supported them for so many years. How much have they eaten over all these years?”

In the 2005 Xizhi police murder case, police officers Hung Chung-nan and Chang Ta-hao were attacked by the Wang brothers while they were on duty. Officer Hung was killed on the spot with multiple stab wounds. In 2009, the Supreme Court sentenced the younger brother to death while the elder brother received life imprisonment. It has been 17 years and Wang Po-ying, the younger brother, still has not been executed. This is difficult for the family to accept.

Officer Hung Chung-nan's Father: “He has been given the death penalty. But they won't execute it. And he's still consuming our taxes. He killed my son and I still need to support you with my taxes? Is this fair?”

Forensic pathologist Kao Ta-cheng also issued a statement condemning the murder suspect. He also emphasized that if the evidence is incontrovertible, the death penalty should be given and executed as soon as possible.

Kao Ta-cheng, Chair, Forensics Department, Chung Shan Medical University: “When you've seen several times these murderers' attitudes, and you let him out but he kills again, you ask yourself how can the death penalty not be given to them? That's why I say that the death penalty for this kind of person is right. Which felon are you looking at? I haven't seen any felons that have been sentenced to death but turned out to be good people when you let them out.”

Kao said that if there is no room for correctional education, then the execution of the death penalty must be carried out as soon as possible in order to avoid similar incidents from happening again and again.