Cycling on the Rise in Beijing 自行車運動興起 還能飽覽白河峽谷美景

Biking is becoming a new trend in China, with an increasing number of people regarding it as a popular leisure activity and sport. This has also led to a 20 to 30 percent increase in sales for bikes.

More than a dozen cyclists wearing full equipment, are riding bicycles around Baihe Gorge in the northern countryside. Whether it is a flat road or a rugged mountain road, everyone sweats and pedals hard, while enjoying the scenery along the way.

Yang Lan, Cyclist: “Because there is word called "escape". That's what makes us escape this terrible city life and rhythm. Seems like the only way I feel I'm alive. ”

Bicycles have been regarded as a means of transportation in China for a long time. In the past, Beijing used to have a large number of bicycles. Since May, Beijing has closed all kinds of non-essential places, including indoor sports facilities, in order to stop the transmission of the virus. Many people have chosen to go outdoors.

Lin Sai-mo, Cyclist: “Gyms are closed due to pandemic. Everything like the swimming pool is closed. Many of the places I usually go have been closed. I found cycling is different from riding a usual bicycle. It's very fast and very exciting. I don't think I can stop.”

The China Bicycle Association pointed out that in the post-epidemic era, people are eager to engage in outdoor sports, which has driven bicycle sales. American bicycle brand dealers said that sales from March to June increased by 20 to 30 percent year on year. They would've been able to grow double if the products were not out of stock. 

Ho Tung, Bike Dealer: “Compared with our original slow growth, this is a surge. Everyone's coming in. For example, in the case of weekends, the number of customers is our store is huge. I hadn't foreseen this. ”

Even if a bicycle starts from RMB60,000, which is more than NT$260,000, there are more than 10 people queuing up for it. Some people also believe that this is more meaningful than buying a brand-name bag. COVID-19 has changed people's life style. Cycling not only saves energy and reduces carbon, but also promotes physical health.