Tsai Hopes Citizens Can Strengthen Ability to Identify Misinformation 出席駭客年會 總統籲強化辨識錯假訊息

President Tsai Ing-wen said Taiwan has been attacked with a hybrid cyber and cognitive war during her speech at Taiwan Hackers' annual conference. 

Taiwan has suffered from frequent cyberattacks and is on the front line of cyber warfare. President Tsai Ing-wen attended Taiwan's annual hacker conference. She mentioned in her speech that since the Ukraine-Russia war and the Chinese military exercises, Taiwan has been attacked with a hybrid cyber and cognitive war, meant to confuse the public. Strengthening the nation's information security's joint defense system is one of the government's current top priorities.

Tsai Ing-wen, President: “We hope that everyone can work together to strengthen the continuous threat of information security and cyberattacks in the future. We hope everyone will have the ability to identify misinformation and stop the spread of it.”

Not only did she call on the nation's citizens to identify misinformation, but President Tsai also traveled to the Suao Navy Base recently to visit with officers and soldiers. In the face of China's increasing military threat, President Tsai likened Taiwan to a naval ship, which will encounter unexpected storms. As long as the Taiwanese people are united, all challenges can be overcome. A video of the Taiwanese military combating PLA's harassment was also released. Taiwanese naval ships closely monitored the PLA missile frigate "Wuhu" and the missile destroyer "Anyang" off Taiwan's east coast.

A fire pierced the night sky and shot straight into the sky. The National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology conducted a missile test on the evening of the 18th. A target missile was first launched from Sanxiantai, and then the interception missile was launched from Pingtung's Jioupeng. The maximum ballistic height of the missile was infinite, triggering the attention of analysts as they speculated whether new missiles were tested.

Chang Cheng, Former Chief Engineer, Hsiung Feng III Missile Program: “They fired two missiles at the same time. Therefore, it probably wasn't the Ching Tien missile. The test fire application seemed to be from the NCSIST. I guess it probably was the Tienkung III missile with extended range.”

In response to the Chinese military's normalization of crossing the Taiwan Strait's median line, and the fact that there have been Chinese naval ships in the Taiwan Strait for several days, the U.S. State Department's Assistant Secretary for East Asia and the Pacific, Daniel Kritenbrink, warned that China may continue to exert military pressure on Taiwan in the next few months. The United States and Taiwan have launched trade negotiations to promote bilateral collaboration to ensure supply chain security. 











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