MOFA Blasts YouTuber for Posting Rescue Video 網紅好棒Bump營救台人 遭外交部批誤導

A YouTuber is at odds with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after he criticized the government's inaction regarding human trafficking of Taiwanese in Cambodia. In response, the Ministry said it thanked "all parties involved" for the assistance.

YouTuber "Hao Bang Bump" recently posted a video of the rescue of a Taiwanese person that was tricked into going to Dubai. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the YouTuber is lying to the public. The victim, Mr. Lin, was interviewed on the 18th during a livestream. Lin blasted Taiwan's commercial office in Dubai for not lifting a single finger to help him.

Lin Yu-chou, Victim: “Can you go to the police station yourself and have the police rescue us? In the end, they told me I was on my own. (The representative office in Dubai) said my passport hadn't arrived yet. At noon, the Presidential Office responded to me. (The office) called me that afternoon saying my passport was ready. Do you think that's a coincidence?”

Lin says he managed to escape by jumping off a building before he could be sold to a snakehead in Cambodia, and the Presidential Office helped him get a new passport. On the 18th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked everyone for their help.

Joanne Ou, Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Again, we thank everyone for your help. Everyone -- civic groups, the overseas community, and the government worked together. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on everyone to stand united to fight fraud and stamp out crime.”

A Kuomintang lawmaker helped rescue a 19-year-old man from Cambodian traffickers on the 18th. They were taken into custody on the jet bridge by aviation police when they arrived back in Taiwan. The lawmaker says the police could not give them a reason why they were being detained.

Hung Mong-kai, Legislator (KMT): “Not a word was said from beginning to end about us being taken in for questioning or to be debriefed. First, they said they were under orders. Then, they said they were taking the victim for his own good. Later, the reason changed to epidemic prevention.”

Wang Ting-yu, Legislator (DPP): “(The KMT lawmaker) obstructed the carriage of justice in Taiwan by investigating what was happening in Cambodia. Do they not know that criminal investigations are the police's business?”

Pan-blue lawmakers want to know why the police can arrest victims but not save or rescue victims. The aviation police officers did not have a warrant during the arrest. Pan-green lawmakers say investigations are the police's responsibility and the victim was arrested to make sure he isn't working with scam organizations.












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