Pan-blue Legislators Aspire to Non-official Channels 官方營救困難 藍委赴當地盼從民間管道著手

The Director-General of the National Police Agency went to the Taoyuan International Airport to inspect and raise awareness about human trafficking scams. Meanwhile, three KMT legislators also went to Cambodia to discuss ways to develop rescue mechanisms.

Aviation police hold large banners with slogans and careful inquiries to remind travelers to be alert and mindful of overseas job-hunting traps, as recent cases where Taiwan citizens were defrauded and illegally transported to Cambodia suffering inhumane treatment are frequently reported. Director-General of National Police Agency Huang Ming-chao arrives at Taoyuan Airport to inspect and supervise the status of Cambodia inquiries, successfully intercepting 26 cases over the past half a month.

Chiang Shu-jun, Criminal Police Brigade Chief, Aviation Police Bureau: “Among these 26 cases, some were acquired through collaboration with special projects of the Criminal Bureau, while 14 cases were screened out by us holding cards and observing onsite and inquiring about potential victims.”

Mr. Chang, Traveler: “Young people should especially be careful as these scams usually try to deceive those without any work or societal experience. One should still pick more reputable companies for job ads to be on the safe side. Those offering obviously unreasonably high salaries are likely untrustworthy.”

While the police continue to advocate in general public fraud prevention, KMT legislators believe that the government has not done enough. Three pan-blue legislators, Cheng Cheng-chien, Hung Mong-kai, and Wu Se-huai travel to Cambodia on Aug. 15 in the official capacity of congressional diplomacy to discuss rescue mechanisms with non-governmental groups.

Hung Mong-kai, Legislator (KMT): "Everyone is very concerned about the Cambodian scams on Taiwanese citizens, thus we come to Cambodia under congressional diplomacy to understand in more detail and further communicate."

Some families of the victims also question the inaction of the government. KMT legislator pointed out that the NPA received over 300 reports by victims, except that after the police visited family members of those in Cambodia, they found that there were more than one hundred people who did not report to the police, possibly more.

Yeh Yu-lan, Legislator (KMT): “From the information provided to us by NGO, there may be 2000, 3000, or even 4000 Taiwanese stranded in Cambodia.”

Lee Young-ji, Section Chief, International Criminal Police, CIB: “International cooperation and cross-Strait cooperation are both extremely difficult. The police department will for sure endeavor harder in this area and we are already doing it.”

The KMT legislative caucus demands that the government should initiate cross-departmental collaboration, implementing more proactive measures to stop Cambodia's scams. It further recommends that the NPA should target those citizens intending to travel to Cambodia and by virtue of prior review offer more buffer time to avoid more victims being scammed.