Police Shoot 8 Shots at Car Wheels when Suspect Escapes 男子躲盤查駕車衝撞 警朝車輪開8槍

Kaohsiung Police intercepted a suspicious car on Aug. 9 but the suspect refused to cooperate. The suspect crashed and abandoned his car, took a taxi to avoid security cameras, and was finally arrested at a day rental suite.

“What are you doing? Stop the car!”The police wanted to intercept this man driving the million-dollar car, but he crashed into the car in front and made a drastic turn to avoid being stopped. The police broke the window and pulled over the man yet he struggled loose, during which the police's arm was cut by the glass and was even dragged along for a while. However, the man didn't stop. The police then fired eight shots at the wheels. People witnessed the shocking moment. 

This incident happened at 3 p.m. on Aug. 9. Residents witnessed a police shooting in the parking lot behind Antai Hospital in Xiaogang District, where the suspect man drove away in a car with broken wheels.

Citizen: “Our car was originally parked here, all this time in front of the red line. But it's now pushed away quite a bit.”

Police said that to avoid the security cameras, the man not only abandoned his car but also got in a taxi and took a roundabout way. Still, he was arrested in a day rental suite on the morning of Aug. 10.

Fan Jeng-jia, Detective Supervisor, Xiaogang Precinct, Police Dept., Kaohsiung: “To avoid checking by police then hitting and injuring a member of our police, said police had to muster up the courage and take 8 shots at his car wheel under such emergency circumstances.”

The man was wanted for drug charges; thus he worried about mandatory rehabilitation if arrested so he tried to escape. After investigation, he was transferred to the district prosecutors office pursuant to Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act and Crimes Against Public Service, etc. Meanwhile, the two injured police officers have recovered after treatment and returned to their respective work stations.