Ships May Have to Detour Because of Drills 船隻因軍演繞道 基隆.高雄2港影響最大

The Maritime Port Bureau estimates that some ships may have to detour as a result of China's military exercises, which will increase the travel time. The exercises are expected to have the biggest impact on the ports of Keelung and Kaohsiung.

Operations were normal at the Port of Keelung on Aug. 4, and ships were seen entering and exiting the port area. However, some cargo ships were loaded and departed earlier than anticipated due to China's military exercises. At Yilan's Wushi Harbor, whale watching boats were departing on schedule. Many tourists were at the harbor and ready to see some whales.

Tourist: “( Reporter: “China's going to test-fire missiles in the open sea. You all are going out there to watch whales, aren't you all worried? ”) I didn't think too much about it.”

Whale watching boats at the Port of Hualien were also departing on schedule. One tour operator said it has not received any notifications from authorities about not heading out to sea, and no tourists have changed their minds about going.

If customers come and ask if there are any safety issues, we'll tell them that we haven't received any Coast Guard notifications telling us we can't go out to sea because there are dangers. The Maritime Port Bureau did issue an announcement asking ships to avoid the areas where China is conducting exercises and reminding them to pay attention to navigation safety. Taiwan International Ports Corporation, which operates Taiwan's ports, said operations are normal at all the ports and it will continue monitoring the situation.

Sean Lu, Spokesperson, Taiwan Int'l Ports Corporation: “With regards to the ports, we will conform to the country's basic safety and protection measures and the military exercises. We will avoid any outside interference and strengthen our monitoring.”

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications estimated that 100 or so ships may have to detour around the areas where the exercises are taking place. They will have the biggest impact on the Port of Keelung and Port of Kaohsiung.











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