Military on High Alert as China Launches Drills 中於台海周邊軍演3日 我戰機掛彈升空戒備

China began three days of drills in the seas and skies around Taiwan starting Aug. 4. On Aug. 3, a drone suspected to be sent by China was discovered in Kinmen. Meanwhile, fighters carrying bombs took off from Taitung Air Force Base.

A Mirage 2000 fighter loaded with bombs takes off from Taitung Air Force Base. The Air Force was on high alert due to China's live-fire military exercises, which started on Aug. 4. They will take place over three days in six areas around Taiwan, effectively blockading Taiwan.

CCTV Report: “Launch early warnings, suppress interference, deploy troops, etc.”

Feng Zongbin, PLA Navy Captain: “My warship was ordered to sail to waters to the east of the island of Taiwan and has already arrived. We have completed the maritime security and control deployment, and are currently jointly carrying out training on maritime blockades and air interception with the Air Force. ”

China's military exercises encircle Taiwan, and some are taking place in waters that overlap with Taiwan's territorial waters. On Aug. 3, a drone suspected to be sent from China was discovered above Kinmen's Beiding Island. The Kinmen Defense Command launched a signal flare to drive it away. Meanwhile, statistics compiled by a Facebook page showed that Chinese military aircraft have buzzed Taiwan's airspace on three days this month and the Air Force issued 21 broadcasts asking them to leave.

ROC Air Force Broadcast: “This is a Republic of China Air Force broadcast directed at the Chinese military aircraft located at an altitude of 6,900 meters in Taiwan's northern airspace. You have already entered into our airspace and are affecting our flight safety. Turn around and leave immediately.”

Military experts were asked if there is the possibility that China will cross the strait's median line and fire missiles through Taiwan's airspace. They said the median line never had any legal basis and was only a tacit understanding between different countries as a buffer zone. As for missiles, they should pass through the atmosphere and land in waters to the east of Taiwan, and this is not defined by international law as territorial airspace. The tactics will probably be more focused on psychological warfare.

Su Tzu-yun, Director, Div. of Defense Strategy & Resources, INDSR: “Under international law, territorial airspace does not extend to the outer space of the atmosphere. I think what's most important, what China most wants to attack, is Taiwan's sentiments and morale.”

Lu Li-shih, Military Expert: “Based on the definition of blockade in international law, the six areas where they're conducting exercises do not constitute a blockade. It can only be considered as a gesture.”

Experts say Taiwan's current sentiments and morale are tougher than in 1996. The military's hardware includes Patriot 2 and 3 missiles and Sky Bow II and III missiles, and Taiwan has one of the highest air defense missile densities in the world. Taiwan should respond rationally to China's exercises.





中國央視報導片段:「開展預警指揮 干擾壓制 兵力進壓等」








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