US Briefed Taiwan as Soon as Biden and Xi Hung Up: MOFA 拜習通話 外交部:美方第一時間向我簡報

In the wake of the Xi-Biden call, Taiwan thanked the U.S. for supporting cross-Strait peace. Neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor the Nancy Pelosi's office confirmed the trip to Taiwan.

During the Xi-Biden call on the 28th, China warned against playing with fire and the U.S. reiterated its opposition to the destruction of peace in the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan's Presidential Office thanked the U.S. and called on China to do its part for regional peace.

Joanne Ou, Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The U.S. briefed us on the call as soon as they hung up the phone. We at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thank the Biden administration for its multiple declarations since entering office that U.S.-Taiwan ties are rock-solid. We also thank President Biden for caring so deeply about peace and stability and the status quo in the Taiwan Strait.”

Nancy Pelosi's office has not addressed the Bloomberg report that Taiwan is only a possible stop on her upcoming trip to Asia.

Ding Shuh-fan, Honorary Professor, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, NCCU: “From a certain perspective, Biden made Xi Jinping some guarantees. For example, upholding the one-China principle. This should serve to reduce the political significance of a Pelosi visit to Taiwan.  ”

Ding Shuh-fan says the U.S.' reputation and support for the Democrats would both suffer if Pelosi's trip to Taiwan were canceled due to pressure from China. Two years after the Tiananmen Incident, Pelosi was among a group that unfurled a black banner in the square commemorating the victims.Many feel the chances of her stopping in Taiwan are high. House Committee on Foreign Affairs Chair Gregory Meeks is rumored to be on the list of officials traveling with Pelosi. Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not commented.