Military Enthusiasts Climb onto Bunker to Take Photos 軍事迷為拍軍機 空軍基地架梯攀牆拍攝

Taiwan is currently holding the 38th Han Kuang military exercises. However, in Hualien, some military enthusiasts set up a ladder upon the air base fence and climbed up to take photos, which can cause national security concerns.

Hualien Police: “What are you doing? How can you take pictures like this on a military base?”

Military enthusiasts brought long-lens cameras and climbed onto an abandoned bunker at Hualien Qixingtan Beach to take photos. Some even carried their own ladder and set up on the air base fence. 

Hualien Resident: “This is not a good demonstration and may be susceptible to invasion of national secret, plus it's quite dangerous.”

Military enthusiasts also congregated at the top floor of the hypermarket located in the western section of the Hualien airport; as a result, the police were exhausted from the Han Kuang Exercise, yet the Vital Areas Regulations do not apply to Hualien Airport, so there are no laws that can be utilized for discipline. As such, the police can only ask them to leave.

Huang Hong-chi, Beipu Director, Hualien Police Station, Hsincheng Precinct: “Many climbed over the abandoned bunker across from the fence, including a person surnamed Wang and 7 other men. They are all Taiwan citizens but they brought their own ladder to climb over the fence. After thorough checking and verifying their ID, we asked them to leave.”

In fact, more and more people enjoy taking pictures of airplanes, but these people have maintained a tacit understanding, not to photoshoot military equipment or the environment. However, whether this action will challenge the baseline of national security leaves many avid photographers without words.  

Airplane Fan: “These military fans climb onto the fence with their own ladder to take photos may expose military equipment inside and may affect us and get us in trouble who merely wish to take pictures of airplanes.”

The public should be reminded that although the Vital Areas regulations do not apply to Hualien Airport, it does to nearby Chiashan Airforce Base, which is a top military secret base. If people purposely take pictures there, they may be sentenced to 7 years imprisonment; those who accidentally infringe on the regulations may be subject to one-year imprisonment or fines.