Second Day of Han Kuang Exercises Kicks Off 漢光演習第二日 沙灘演練灘岸阻絕項目

July 26 was the second day of the Han Kuang No. 38 military exercises. Reservists from the Army's 302 Infantry Brigade simulated a Chinese attack on Taiwan at Miaoli's Baishatun Beach. Meanwhile, French media outlets sent correspondents to cover the exercises.

Reservists smoothly erect barbed wire fences. They are one of the last lines of defense against a Chinese invasion by sea. The second day of the Han Kuang No. 38 military exercises was July 26. Previously, reservists from the Army's 302 Infantry Brigade completed amassing war preparation supplies. This time, under the leadership of the 52 Engineer Group, they practiced how to stall and obstruct enemy troops on a beach. The location was chosen to make the simulation as realistic as possible.

Lu Yang-sheng, Reservist: “This was the first time I was recalled. I previously served in the Coast Guard, so this is my first time coming into contact with these things. We've been practicing and practicing, and they're aimed at defending the country.”

Lai Yen-cheng, Sergeant, 52 Engineer Group, 10th Army Corps: “The Czech hedgehogs behind me are used to hold back the first wave of vessels and prevent the Chinese military from coming ashore. We also have barrels filled with gasoline and TNT so that they will burn after they are exploded.”

The weather was sizzling hot, but the reservists quickly finished setting up all the barriers, including barrels filled with gasoline, Czech hedgehogs, and barbed wire fences, to make it difficult for Chinese amphibious vehicles, naval vessels, and soldiers to come ashore. The ongoing Ukraine-Russia war has affected the cross-Strait situation. Reservists said they're taking a common sense approach and focusing on doing their job well. Some French media outlets sent correspondents to cover the exercises.

Olivier Sibille, Journalist: “The French and the Europeans are quite concerned about the situation in Taiwan due to the Ukraine war. Can comparisons be made between Taiwan and Ukraine? That's why we came to observe the Han Kuang exercises, to see how all of you are preparing.”

The French media said France has become more concerned about the cross-Strait situation due to the Ukraine-Russia war. Meanwhile, the military is also drawing lessons from the conflict and making adjustments accordingly. During these exercises, defensive urban warfare training has been strengthened and reservists have been incorporated into standing troops.








法國媒體記者Olivier Sibille表示:「經過烏克蘭戰爭之後,其實我們法國跟歐洲的人,還是關心台灣的情況,跟烏克蘭能不能做個比較,我們是因為這樣子,特別來這邊看一下,你們的漢光演習怎麼準備。」