Schoolchildren to Get Grouper in Lunches Once a Month 政院6億補助國中小午餐 每月1餐石斑魚

After China stopped the import of Taiwanese grouper on the grounds of banned chemicals and excess chemical residue being found in the fish, the Executive Yuan announced it would spend NT$600 million to add grouper to school lunches once a month from September to December. 

The government will be spending NT$600 million to add grouper to school lunches once a month in the last quarter of the year. 

Citizen: “Apparently, Taiwanese children can only get (grouper) when it can't be sold. They would never get to eat such things otherwise.”

Student: “I'm very happy. I've never had it in my school lunch before.”

Student: “( Reporter: “Have you ever had grouper?”) Yes. I have it at home. I'm very happy.”

The Council of Agriculture is trying to distribute 1,600 tons of grouper that were rejected by China, with the government shelling out NT$600 million to make the fish available in school lunches.

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister: “This is a win-win-win situation. Schoolchildren will get to eat delicious grouper slices or fillets. Parents will be able to rest easy that our school lunch ingredients are improving. Most importantly, the Council of Agriculture will supplement this with agricultural education.”

Taiwan's chief grouper export, brown-marbled grouper, was the type of grouper banned in China. Many are therefore wondering why giant grouper is the type of grouper headed into school lunches.

Chen Kun-cheng, Executive Director, Xingang Community Coop: “The difference between brown-marbled grouper and giant grouper is that the former is smaller and has smaller bones. It can still be made into fish sticks, but it takes more work. ”

Breeders say brown-marbled grouper have smaller bones and it therefore requires more work from kitchen workers to process. At the same time, they say they are grateful for any help they can get.






記者也問另一位小朋友是否吃過石斑魚? 小朋友回答:「有,因為家裡有賣,很高興呀。」