Child Falls into Drain Hole on Bridge 車輛停橋上 孩童下車腳陷入橋面排水孔

Many people would park their vehicles on the Zhongshan bridge before taking their kids to play at the river mouth of Hualien City's Meilun River. One child fell directly into the drainage hole on the bridge as she stepped out of the car. 

This is the photo of a little girl who fell into the drainage hole as she stepped out of the car. Although she didn't get hurt or cry, her parents thought it was too scary. Others thought they shouldn't have stopped on the bridge.

Nearby Resident: “Actually, I don't usually think there would be such a big hole here. Although it is for drainage, safety measures should be built as well.”

Nearby Resident: “How could anyone fall down there? This is the sidewalk. This is the road. How is this possible? If anything, it should be a motorcycle that falls in there.”

This incident happened on Hualien City's Zhongshan Bridge. A nanny took a friend's child to Heping Park to play. At that time, she parked the car on the east side of the bridge and opened the door to assist the child out of the car. The little girl immediately fell into the hole. Although the child was not injured, her parents called on the relevant government entities to recognize safety issues.

Teng Tzu-yu, Director, Economic Affairs Dept., Hualien: “We hope people don't park on the bridge, which will affect traffic safety. We might discuss how to improve the bridge's drainage holes, which the public, especially children, may fall into.”

The economic affairs department emphasized that Zhongshan Bridge was built in 1973. The drainage holes at that time were relatively large, but there have never been reports of anyone falling into them. At present, workers have been dispatched to install grilles on the bridge's 22 drainage holes, which is expected to be completed on the 22nd.