Average Age of First-time Mothers Was 31.23 Years 女性國人生育第1胎 平均年齡31.23歲

According to statistics, the average age of first-time mothers was 31.23 years in 2021, an increase of 0.14 years from the year before. There were also 563 women over the age of 45 that give birth last year. Doctors say pregnancy and birth defect risks go up with the mother's age.

Entertainers Renzo Liu and Joyce Chao recently welcomed a baby girl after one unsuccessful round of artificial insemination, two unsuccessful rounds of in vitro and one miscarriage. “Why are you eating Daddy's hand? It's so funny. How fierce.”

Many women prefer to focus on their jobs in the prime childbearing years. According to Ministry of the Interior statistics, the average age of first-time mothers in Taiwan rose from 31 in 2019 to 31.23 in 2021, a year-on-year increase that was a five-year high. The number of women who gave birth at over 35 years old also rose to 31.63 percent and the number of women over 45 years old that gave birth last year also increased to 563. The Ministry of Health and Welfare expanded its fertility treatment subsidy program last year, resulting in 2,600 births in one year.

Chen Li-juan, Specialist, Maternal and Child Health Division, HPA: “We have received 42,642 qualifying applications to date. Of this number, 28,139 were approved for the subsidy. As of July 11, 2022, 2,318 married couples have delivered 2,604 children.”

Lai Tsung-hsuan, Director, Assisted Reproductive Center, Cathay General Hospital: “In-vitro fertilization is not without challenges. It's like when a student has to pass a first test and then pass a second test. As far as survival rate goes, there generally aren't "rejected" embryos. There are only "better" embryos.”

According to national statistics, the in vitro embryo implantation survival rate is close to 50 percent for women under 35 and less than 20 percent for women over 41. Doctors say the risk of pregnancy complications, underweight birth, chromosomal abnormalities and birth defects goes up with the mother's age and anyone thinking about undergoing fertility treatments should start as soon as possible.