Shooter Kills Four, Injures One in Nantou 草屯槍擊案4死1重傷 嫌犯中市落網

A gunman killed four and injured one at a Caotun biotech company on July 14. The lone survivor was the owner of the company, who is unconscious and the suspect has been apprehended.

A man wearing a black cap and mask flees the scene on a scooter. This is the gunman that opened fire at a Caotun biotech company. Police later found the stolen scooter abandoned in Taichung's Wufeng. The gunman shot and injured the owner of the company, shot and killed the owner's younger brother and daughter along with two other employees. The owner of the company, surnamed Lai, remains in critical condition.

Huang Yu-fen, Neurosurgeon, Taichung Veterans General Hospital: “He isn't out of danger yet. We will be monitoring his vital signs for the next few days and watching for infection and hydrocephalus.”

Taichung Veterans General Hospital says Lai tested positive for COVID-19 and his surgical team wore full protective suits during the procedure. The bullet caused a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage, and he is currently a "5" on the coma scale. Residents who live near the company say the front door is usually open when people are getting off work and the shooter took advantage of that.

Local Resident: “( Reporter: “Why was the front door open?”) People were getting off work at the time. ( Reporter: “Can anyone enter?”) No, of course not. Entry is strictly supervised.”

National Police Agency Director-General Huang Ming-chao, who has been at his post for just 15 days, says police are investigating. Nantou County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen says the shooter needs to be caught as soon as possible.

Lin Ming-chen, Nantou County Magistrate: “I'm sure the assailant will be caught very soon and brought to justice.”

Family members told the police a former employee surnamed Lee did not get along with a female section chief and Lee could very well be the shooter as he was familiar with the company's daily routine.








才剛上任15天的警政署長黃明昭,在14日晚間到場坐鎮。由於是上任後首起重大刑案,他表示警方已經全力偵辦。南投縣長林明溱也對兇嫌表達嚴厲譴責, 要求盡速破案。


家屬向警方表示, 一名離職的李姓員工和一位女性課長有嫌隙,加上熟悉公司的作息,推測犯案可能性很高。警方表示目前都還在追緝當中,動機也有待釐清。