Taipei City Deputy Mayor Collapses at Dinner 北市副市長蔡炳坤昨餐敘不適 緊急送醫

Taipei City Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun was rushed to the emergency room after collapsing at a dinner on July 11. Tests revealed he'd suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and midline shift, and doctors performed emergency surgery. Tsai is currently in the ICU and will be closely monitored for the next week.

Taipei City Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun collapsed at a dinner on the 11th. He was rushed to the emergency room but was unconscious when he arrived at the hospital. A CT scan and other tests revealed a massive brain hemorrhage and midline shift. Doctors immediately operated on him. The surgery lasted 90 minutes.

Lin Wen-hsiung, Neurosurgery Chief, Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch: “He is currently under palliative sedation, so his coma scale number isn't all that important. We are closely monitoring his intracranial pressure.”

Hospital officials say Tsai had a right brain hemorrhagic stroke, his intracranial pressure and blood pressure will be closely monitored for the next week. The Renai Branch of Taipei City Hospital has tasked a team of medical professionals to care for him. One doctor says a midline shift caused by severe bleeding results in extreme pressure on the brain, and Tsai will have to be closely monitored for the next week. If his condition improves, the chances of a recovery are higher. If it doesn't, he may not make it or may remain in a coma permanently.

Lin Wei-wen, Cardiology Chief, Taiwan Adventist Hospital: “A midline shift is extremely dangerous. Without immediate intervention to relieve intracranial pressure, it could be fatal or cause permanent and severe damage.”

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “We have SOPs for everything we do. Each of our deputy mayors has a deputy secretary-general under them that can take over when a deputy mayor is unavailable.”

Asked who will take over Tsai's duties, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je said the city has SOPs in place and Tsai's deputy secretary-general will take over his responsibilities for the time being.








台北市長柯文哲回應:「事實上我們之前就有一個代理系統,我這個人做事都有sop的,因為我們每一個副市長下面有副秘書長,所以理論上副市長不在,副秘書長可以take over(接手)。」