Canoes Occupy Hsiaoliuqiu Beach 屏東小琉球獨木舟占據沙灘 引民眾不滿

With the pandemic slowing down and the arrival of summer vacation,  many tourists have rushed to Pingtung's Liuqiu to enjoy the water. This has resulted in canoes and other water sporting equipments being piled up by operators at the beaches. The Pingtung County Government immediately sent officials to the scene to resolve the issue. 

Canoes and SUPs are stacked on top of each other and placed directly on the beach. The trucks that come to the beach are also full of water amusement equipment. After the epidemic eased, Pingtung's liuqiu welcomed many tourists. It has also caused complaints among local residents that the beach was so crowded there was no place for children to play with water or sand.

Mr. Tseng, Water Sports Operator, liuqiu: “Some are left for convenience of course, because it is very tiring to move them up and down the beach. So operators leave it there because they think there may be a lot of customers who will use them the next day. They wait until the following day after the group tour is over and then retrieve the equipment. ”

Summer vacation is the peak season for water activities. However, too many tourists and a small number of business operators are acting cheaply, which has aroused the dissatisfaction among local residents. They are also worried about the turtle spawning season from May to October, as the beach is occupied by water sports equipment and tourists, which may affect the turtles' spawning.

Chen Shih-yuan, Acting Director, Pingtung County Marine and Fisheries Management Office: “Operators are required to clear all items on the beach after 5 p.m. If they don't clear their equipment, we will fine them according to the Fishing Port Act between NT$30,000 to NT$150,000. ”

The Marine and Fisheries Management Office quickly sent officials to persuade operators and also asked them to clear their equipment. However, canoes and other equipment can still be seen on the roadside of the beach. The county government said that it will continue to enforce the law. It calls on the operators to stop occupying the beach and give the public a safe space to enjoy the water.










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