Legislator Chen Chao-ming Setenced for Bribery 涉貪被判刑 傳陳超明有意參選苗縣長

P. Hsu
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KMT legislator Chen Chao-ming was sentenced to over seven years of jail for receiving bribes from retail tycoon Lee Heng-lung, but it is rumored that Chen still intends to run for Miaoli County magistrate and will use ballots to prove his innocence.

Legislator Chen Chao-ming did not appear at his service office, although it was rumored that he intended to run for Miaoli County Magistrate. He was sentenced on the 6th to seven years and eight months of jail for receiving bribes from former Pacific Distribution Investment Company's chairperson Lee Heng-lung. Chen's assistant said that he was in a chaotic mood. Although he did not explicitly say whether Chen would run for election, he emphasized that Miaoli County residents should make judgments themselves.

Tien Wen-yu, Chen Chao-ming's Assistant: “In fact, there is no such thing as corruption. We must respect all local opinions and voices.”

This incident also cast a shock on Miaoli's election. At present, KMT candidates intending to run including Hsieh Fu-hung, a former director of the Irrigation Agency's Miaoli Office, and Miaoli County Council Speaker Chung Tung-chin, all express their respect. Chung believes Chen has deep local roots, but he will still run for office at his pace and won't stop.

Chung Tung-chin, Miaoli County Council Speaker: “If I really stop my campaign at this time, there is no way for me to live in Miaoli. I'm telling the truth. My campaign can't stop, because there is no way to stop. I can't explain it to my supporters if I stop.”

Hsieh Fu-hung, Miaoli County Magistrate Candidate (KMT): “Coordinating will be a bit of a twist. It takes time to resolve some issues.”

DPP candidate Hsu Ting-chen and NPP candidate Sung Kuo-ting both expressed their respect for Chen's choice. They have their own plans and will actively seek support from the county's residents.

Hsu Ting-chen, Miaoli County Magistrate Candidate (DPP): “We are a united DPP facing off against a divided KMT. This is a super tough constituency for us. After all, the basic blue-green ratio of voters in the county is seven to three.”

Sung Kuo-ting, Miaoli County Magistrate Candidate (NPP): “I have the motivation and ability to run for office. I really have the will to serve Miaoli's residents and I think that's the point.”

The KMT will have three strong candidates if Chen runs for office. The election at the end of the year is getting closer and this is affecting each camp's strategy.