Delivery Driver Causes Taiwan Railways Delay 外送員卡在平交道 區間車受延誤8分鐘

A food delivery driver was stuck at a rail crossing in Taoyuan. Luckily the train stopped in time, but over 800 passengers's schedules were affected.

A food delivery driver hears the alarm and stops his scooter. He is now stuck at the rail crossing. A railway worker reports this, and lifts the gate so the driver can back up. Area residents say this is a common occurrence.

Citizen: “It happens all the time. The alarm has sounded but the crossing gate hasn't come down yet and they hurry back. It happens all the time. We see it all the time.”

This particular incident happened on the 4th in Taoyuan's Puyi Borough. Taiwan Railways train 2243, which was carrying 800 passengers, was delayed eight minutes because of it.

Chiang Cheng-chu, Chief, Zhongli Railway Police Station: “Under Article 54 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, such an act is subject to a fine of NT$15,000 to NT$90,000, the suspension of your license for one year, and mandatory traffic safety classes.”

Under Article 54 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, drivers that continue to cross railroad tracks when the alarm is on or crossing gates are lowering, or that overtake other vehicles, make a U-turn, reverse or stop on railroad crossings will face a fine of NT$15,000 to NT$90,000 and have their license suspended for one year.