Complaint Filed Against Lin for Violating Copyright Act 藍營市議員提告林智堅 論文違反著作權法

Lin Chih-chien, the Democratic Progressive Party's candidate for Taoyuan City mayor, has been accused of plagiarizing both of his theses. On July 4, the Kuomintang went to the Ministry of Education and the Taipei District Prosecutors Office to report Lin. It also asked the ministry and the two universities involved to launch investigations.

Kuomintang candidates for seats in various city and county councils headed to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office to file a lawsuit against Lin Chih-chien for violating the Copyright Act. They said Lin not only copied a Hsinchu Science Park Bureau report for his thesis for Chung Hua University, but also stole from other people's writings.

Ling Tao, Taoyuan City Councilor Candidate (KMT): “He not only plagiarized the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau report, but also copied and pasted a Quality (Control) Magazine article from December 2005. Even the diagrams are exactly the same.”

KMT members also headed to the Ministry of Education to request an investigation into whether Lin plagiarized. 

Chung Siao-ping, Taipei City Councilor (KMT): “I'm reporting him for suspected plagiarism, please accept my case. Please accept my case.”

Chen Hao, Section Director, Dept. of Higher Education, MOE: “Okay, after the Ministry of Education receives this case today, we will formally notify the schools in writing to ask them to investigate and handle it in accordance with regulations.”

Lin holds master's degrees from both National Taiwan University and Chung Hua University, and there are allegations that he plagiarized both of his theses. The KMT legislative caucus held a press conference to ask the MOE and the two universities to clarify the facts in accordance with academic ethics provisions. It also asked the Ministry of Science and Technology to determine who is responsible for its report being plagiarized.

Lin Yi-hua, Legislator (KMT): “It's clearly a report you commissioned, and you hold the intellectual property rights. It's equivalent to a national property. We're asking that you recover this sum of money and clarify the facts. ”

As for Lin's NTU thesis, National Security Bureau Director-General Chen Ming-tong, who was Lin's advisor at NTU, has said it was Lin who provided materials to another student named Yu Cheng-huang, but Yu graduated before Lin. The KMT said it doesn't matter who plagiarized who. The question is whether Chen permitted his students to plagiarize each other's theses.

William Tseng, Convener, KMT Legislative Caucus: “You jumped out to offer an explanation of your own accord. I'd like to ask the National Security Bureau Director-General if this counts as a national security crisis? Is this a national security crisis? Is this a DPP national security crisis?”

NTU said it will examine evidence to determine whether to open an investigation. If it decides to open an investigation, the evaluation committee will comprise graduate students from the affiliated institute and the evaluation will be conducted according to SOPs. Under the MOE's relevant procedures, an investigation will be launched the day after the complaint is received and completed within four months' time.