Man Suspected of Stealing Parcels at Convenience Store 男網購3C商品寄超商取貨 再到店家竊包裹

A man is suspected of stealing delivered goods at a convenience store in Tainan's Anping. The suspect surnamed Huang, ordered the goods under a false name, had them delivered to the convenience store, and stole them when the clerk was not paying attention. 

The CCTV shows the man sitting in his seat but the next second, he walked to the convenience store's parcel area alone. Using the cardboard box he just bought as a cover, he took the parcel and left. Even the store clerk felt that this behavior was too ridiculous.

Convenience Store Clerk: “Usually, no one takes it that way.”

A convenience store in Tainan's Anping recently discovered that five parcels of 3C products had disappeared in the store, but there was no record of receipts or returns. The clerk suspected this was theft and reported it to the police. The police discovered that a 35-year-old man surnamed Huang, first ordered the goods under a false name. When the goods arrived at the convenience store, he would observe where they were placed. He would then buy cardboard boxes, pretend to send goods, and take advantage of the clerk's busyness. Huang got away with more than NT$78,000 in goods.

Chuang Hung-chuan, Deputy Chief, Huaping Police Station, Tainan: “He entered the convenience store and bought cardboard boxes as his diversion. And then he took the opportunity to steal his goods while the clerk was busy. He ordered the items under another pseudonym.”

The police ambushed the suspect outside his Anping residence and arrested him. Huang confessed to the theft, and the police notified the Tainan District Prosecutors Office to investigate. Huang was suspected of committing the same crime many times. The police appealed to the victimized e-commerce businesses to contact them as soon as possible, and remind convenience stores to take precautions.










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