Woman Stands in Front of Bus and Refuses to Move 公車離站卻堅持上車 女雨中肉身擋車前

A 20-something woman surnamed Chen stood in front of a bus in the middle of a road and refused to move because the bus had already left the station and the driver refused to open the door to let her on. The police had to be called. The woman's action had violated the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.

The light is green, but this bus is stopped at the intersection because a woman is standing in front of it and won't move. The bus driver calls the police.“This is a company regulation. You can't (get on) now.”

After a standoff of over 10 minutes, the police finally convince the woman to move. The incident occurred at 3 p.m. on the 3rd. The No. 89 bus, bound for downtown Taichung, had driven 10-plus meters from the Xiangshang-Dongxing Intersection bus stop when the woman chased it down and demanded to get on while it was stopped at a red light.

Citizen: “You have to time it. You can check the app.”

Lee Ming-gan, President of Bus Company: “The bus had already left the curb and was in the middle of the road. The driver can't stop in the middle of the road and open the doors to let passengers on and off. A driver that does this would get a demerit.”

The bus company says drivers are not allowed to let passengers on or off once a bus has left the curb. Police say the woman violated the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act and may be fined.

Chen Meng-bo, Deputy Chief, Gongyi Police Station: “The woman wanted the bus to stop, but didn't obstruct it from leaving. What she did didn't reach the level of a coercive offense.”

Although neither side is pressing charges, the woman faces a NT$300 fine for running on the road and obstructing traffic.