John Lee Inaugurated in Hong Kong 習近平:落實愛國者治港 學者:台灣須警惕

John Lee swore in as Hong Kong's new leader on July 1 with Chinese President Xi Jinping in attendance.

July 1 was the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover. The special administrative region also inaugurated its new chief executive, John Lee, with PRC President Xi Jinping in attendance. In his speech, Xi said Hong Kong did not capitulate to social unrest and "one country, two systems" has allowed Hong Kong and Macau to continue on their long-term path of capitalism with a high degree of autonomy.

Xi Jinping, PRC President: “With the support of the residents of Hong Kong and Macau, "one country, two systems" has also won widespread acknowledgment from the international community.”

John Lee, Hong Kong Chief Executive: “I will lead my team in creating a Hong Kong that is caring and prosperous and a Hong Kong that is full of development opportunities, hope and vitality.”

John Lee, meanwhile, said he is prepared to undertake the historic mission of realizing a Hong Kong that is ruled by the people of Hong Kong under "one country, two systems." Eric Chan, Hong Kong chief secretary for administration, led the swearing-in ceremony. Over in Taiwan, Premier Su Tseng-chang dismissed Xi's statements on "one country, two systems," saying everyone can see how the people of Hong Kong have suffered and freedom and democracy no longer exist.

Su Tseng-chang, ROC Premier: “Everyone can see China's promises to the citizens of Hong Kong were empty promises. We also know now more than ever that we must protect Taiwan's sovereignty.”

U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken, meanwhile, tweeted "July 1 marks the 25th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China. Hong Kong and Beijing authorities have broken their promises to Hong Kongers. We stand in solidarity with them." U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also added his two cents, saying he would do everything in his power to force China to adhere to its broken "one country, two systems" promise. One observer in Taiwan says John Lee won Beijing's favor by showing his patriotism during the Hong Kong protests and Hong Kong will turn into a police state in the next five years as a result.

Tseng Chien-yuan, Scoop Think Tank CEO: “National security controls are implemented in Hong Kong even more strictly than in Mainland China.”

The observer went on to say human rights in Hong Kong are going in reverse and the government must remain vigilant and not allow "one country, two systems" to be applied to Taiwan as well.