Macau Finds COVID on Packaged Taiwanese Mangoes 澳門驗出台芒果樣本新冠陽性 暫停進口1週

Macau media reported that a batch of mangoes imported from Taiwan tested positive for COVID-19. All 100 kilograms were destroyed. 

Tainan's mangoes are in the full harvest season. Many people are at Yujing's fruit and vegetable market choosing mangoes. However, Macau's media reported that a batch of mango samples imported from Taiwan tested positive for COVID-19. Farmers felt that it was impossible when they heard the news.

Mr. Chen, Fruit Farmer: “When was there a confirmed diagnosis? At their customs? Or were their packers infected with the virus already? We have these doubts. Is there some political pressure?”

Mr. Wang, Fruit Farmer: “When I saw the news this morning, I thought it was ridiculous. Our production has plummeted. This is a severe blow to the farmers.”

Mr. Wang, Fruit Farmer: “Incredible. I can't believe this happened. China wants to pin some inexplicable crime on us.”

Macau's Citizen Service website did publish that a batch of 100 kilograms of mangoes from Taiwan was all destroyed, and that importing was banned for a week. Chen Chi-chung, Council of Agriculture Minister participated in a forum with fishermen in Qigu on the morning of July 1. He said according to scientific evidence and the World Organization for Animal Health, no case has been found where the virus on a package can be transmitted to humans. Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration's tests for the alleged agricultural, fishery, and livestock products all tested negative. They call on China to return to science.

Chen Chi-chung, Minister, Council of Agriculture: “This time it's our packaged mangoes that detected COVID-19. I stress again. In the whole world, I think only China and its relevant tariff and SAR areas conduct COVID-19 tests on products. We still hope that China will act in accordance with relevant international trade rules.”

According to COA statistics, our country exported 1,840.55 metric tons of mangoes from April 1 to July 1 this year. The top five major export destinations were Hong Kong at 1,010.78 metric tons, Japan with 391.29 metric tons, South Korea with 339.09 metric tons, China with 50.17 metric tons and Brunei with 21.18 metric tons. Macau ranks ninth, with 0.94 metric tons sold as of July 1. The mangoes sold on June 29 were not listed in Taiwan's official export trade statistics. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau also stated that it has not received a notice of unqualified mangoes from Macau. But it will investigate further.