Professor Couple Involved in Stem Cell Scandal 涉侵占幹細胞專利 教授夫妻百萬交保

A couple, both professors, are accused of stealing stem cell research findings jointly developed by Taipei Medical University and the Ministry of Science and Technology as their own and applied patents to sell it to biotech company for profit. They have been released on bail for NT$1 million each after being questioned by prosecutors. 

Professor Huang Yen-hua immediately hid behind her husband Lin Tai-yuan when she saw the cameras. Neither of them was willing to answer questions.The couple walked quickly into the Taipei District Prosecutors Office. They were released on bail of NT$1 million after questioning. 

The investigation was launched on June 29 because Huang, a professor at Taipei Medical University, was suspected of conspiring with her husband Lin, an associate professor at National Taiwan University, for stealing stem cell technology achievements jointly developed by TMU and the Ministry of Science and Technology as their own. They then leaked the research to a biotechnology company, which applied for production and sales patents. The couple made a profit by investing in the company's shares. The whole case is being investigated for crimes such as business embezzlement and breach of trust.

The company's supervisory board member surnamed Kao, was also questioned by authorities and his bail was also set at NT$ 1 million. TMU issued a statement stating it will fully cooperate with the judicial investigation to safeguard its rights and interests. It will also implement tighter management controls to prevent similar incidents from happening again.