Man Given Eight Months for Negligent Homicide 私自封路鋸樹砸死騎士 苗栗男判刑8個月

In June 2020, a resident of Miaoli's Sanyi Township surnamed Wu trimmed a tree at his residence without first obtaining the road rights as he was legally obligated to do. He simply sectioned off part of Provincial Highway 13. A woman surnamed Liao was traveling along the road and killed by the tree. Wu was sentenced to eight months for negligent homicide.

A dashcam captured footage of the accident. On that day, the weather was good. A big tree topples over the side of the road, hitting a motorist, who falls to the ground. She died despite receiving medical treatment. This accident occurred on June 13, 2020. The victim, a 60-year-old woman surnamed Liao, was traveling north on Provincial Highway 13. Family members sued over her death. A judge ruled that a man surnamed Wu, who had hired workers to trim the tree, was guilty of negligent homicide and sentenced him to eight months. The verdict can be appealed.

Sung Kuo-chen, Judge, Miaoli District Court: “There were no marked off areas or warning signs or barriers, which violated the provisions of traffic safety control measures for road construction.”

The judge determined Liao saw Wu directing traffic and had no eyesight issues, but Wu had not taken sufficient measures to prevent traffic accidents from occurring while felling the tree. He only placed two traffic cones at the scene, and then stood in the middle of the road using hand gestures to direct traffic. Liao's family said Wu has neither tried to settle nor apologized.

Mr. Liu, Victim's Husband: “He's abominable, and has shown no concern whatsoever. Instead, he just spreads rumors about how much he paid in compensation. He has shown zero remorse.”

The victim's family said they accept the ruling, and hope to settle the civil case quickly. The police said that people needing to use roads must first apply to authorities for permission. They must also set up facilities to maintain traffic and send people to direct traffic and warn passers-by.









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