Taipower Should Provide Stable Power Supply: Legislators 漲電價! 在野批評只弭平虧損 應穩定供電

F. Kao
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The electricity price increase led to skepticism by opposition party caucus, concerned that it will result in more severe inflation and at the same time appealing to Taiwan Power Company that since it is increasing electricity price, it should resolve power network supply issues as soon as possible. 

Lee De-wei, Chief Deputy Secretary, KMT Caucus: “Minister Wang Mei-hua must step down.”

KMT legislative caucus demands President Tsai apologize and that the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Economic Affairs be held responsible. They said the Tsai administration's energy policies are problematic, incurring severe losses by Taiwan Power Company, and raising electricity prices during the most severe of the epidemic, likely leading to the rise in all commodity prices.

Tseng Ming-chung, KMT Caucus Whip: “This act does not really help with ameliorating Taiwan Power's financial losses, merely providing urgent relief temporarily and not completely resolving Taiwan Power Company's financial crisis. After the elections at the end of the year, will there be another electricity price hike?”

Taiwan People's Party Caucus believes that the Tsai administration is very behind in green energy generation development, and too heavily relying on thermal power generation; hence negatively affected by global oil and fuel price increases. As this wave of price increases is focused on major industrial users, Taiwan Power Company should ensure a steady electricity supply to them.

Kao Hong-an, Legislator (TPP): “Increasing electricity prices is also a means of reducing Taiwan Power Company's losses, but how to improve the quality of their electricity supply is where politics can truly and responsibly service economics.”

Facing myriad criticisms, DPP emphasized that this is not using politics to handle electricity price problems. This wave of electricity price increases has considered people's livelihood and only aptly reflects increased costs. Also, during the epidemic, most commodity import taxes are lowered, all geared towards reducing inflation pressure.

Cheng Yun-peng, Secretary-General, DPP Caucus: “But if they compare, they would know that in Taiwan, public utility costs are still considered quite low. Naturally, we do not wish to see any price increase, but this increase is reasonable concerning Taiwan's power and price structure.”

Cheng Yun-peng further emphasized that Taiwan Power company originally would incur losses of hundreds of billions. However, after this price adjustment, the Taipower still would incur losses of around NT$70 billion. Reasonable adjustment is to reflect international power generation costs and this is not only done in Taiwan, most other countries are doing the same as well. Cheng said the government will demand Taiwan Power Company enhance its power network and stabilize the supply of electricity.