Discounts for Bringing Your Own Cup from July 1 7/1起自帶環保杯 店家須提供至少5元優惠

A number of new initiatives will come online in July, including price increases for bus fares, domestic travel subsidies for people who have gotten their vaccine boosters, will be able to enjoy hotel stay subsidies of up to NT$1,300 per night per room for individual travelers. Also, beverage shops will start offering discounts of at least NT$5 to customers who bring their own cups.

Drink shops are busy taking orders in this hot summer weather. To encourage people to bring their own environmentally friendly cups, starting from July, whether consumers buy drinks at convenience or beverage stores, they can enjoy at least a NT$5 discount.

Citizen: “It's good for the earth. ( Reporter: “So this incentive will increase your chance of bringing your own cup? ”)Yes.”

Citizen: “My work is like this. I don't have a way to bring so many things when changing places. I think a NT$5 discount is a lot for bringing a reusable cup.”

In addition, the domestic travel subsidy will start in mid-July. As long as travelers stay in legal accommodation from Sunday to Thursday and have vaccine boosters, hotel accommodation can be discounted by NT$1,300 per night. There are also 70 percent off promotional theme park tickets available for weekday visits. Industry observers have seen travel reservations increase significantly for July and August.

Lin Chao-chun, Tourist Operator: “The number of reservations is already higher than that in May when the epidemic broke out. It probably has more than doubled. I believe travel subsidies will lead to a growth in tourism-related businesses.”

Some bus routes saw significant fare increases since July due to high oil prices and the rise in various costs after the epidemic. Using Taoyuan to Songshan Airport as an example, the bus fare has risen from NT$75 to NT$80. Although this is still less than the approved fare cap of NT$87, daily commuters still feel an increase in spending. Domestic air tickets will also increase starting June 30. The industry has notified more than 70,000 passengers who have booked tickets. The Civil Aeronautics Administration reminded that to take care of residents in outlying islands, the government will continue to subsidize the difference in fares. They remind passengers to confirm whether the subsidized difference is correct before departure.










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