100-year-old Grandmother Diagnosed with COVID-19 百歲阿嬤腹瀉暈倒驗出確診 醫:非典型症狀

A 100-year-old resident in Taichung recently suffered from general weakness, dizziness, poor appetite, and continuous diarrhea. She was then diagnosed with COVID-19, which she did not expect. Her doctor said that she had atypical symptoms related to COVID-19. 

The medical team celebrated grandma Chen Lu's 100-year-old birthday. She smiled shyly and nodded to the attending physician. However, on June 11, she was sent to the doctor for examination due to fainting and diarrhea. Grandma Chen Lu turned out to be infected with COVID-19, a critical situation.

Grandma's Daughter: “We came here under a very dangerous circumstance this time. We are very grateful to come here under your care. Thank you.”

Wuri Lin Shin Hospital, which treated the grandmother, said although her PCR test was positive, her X-rays revealed that there was neither lung inflammation, nor high fever, cough, or asthma. The family members said that the grandmother only had a general weakness, dizziness, poor appetite, and continuous diarrhea. These symptoms were judged to be atypical of COVID-19.

Tseng Jui-chuang, Thoracic Doctor, Wuri Lin Shin Hospital: “Some patients don't demonstrate a high fever or cough. This is especially true in elderly patients. They usually have atypical symptoms like diarrhea, no appetite, dizziness, or sudden loss of balance. If these symptoms occur, then the family should look into whether the patient has been infected with COVID-19.”

Afterwards, the grandmother was admitted to a designated ward, treated with oral antiviral drugs, and given nutritional injections. Her symptoms improved significantly, and she recovered and was discharged from the hospital within 7 days. The doctor emphasized that both Taipei and Taichung have had similar cases of COVID patients with atypical symptoms. The age of these patients is all over 70 years old. Families with elderly people at home should be more vigilant so they don't miss the opportunity for treatment. 










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