Boy Develops Myocarditis After Second Vaccine 國小童打第2劑後不適 醫不排除心肌炎

A second-grader in Kaohsiung developed a fever and chest pain after getting a second Moderna dose on June 17. Doctors said the boy had myocarditis that may have been triggered by the vaccine. The boy is in stable condition after treatment. Meanwhile, a 68-year-old Chiayi resident died just hours after getting his fourth Moderna shot. Whether the two incidents are related remains to be clarified. 

Taiwan began administering second Moderna doses to children between six and 11 on June 17. In Kaohsiung, a boy developed a fever and chest pain two days after getting his second shot. A local hospital transferred him to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Boy's Family Member: “He had a fever of 37 or 38 degrees and he said his chest felt very tight and was hurting a little bit. (The doctor at Chang Gung) said it was myocarditis caused by the vaccine. He also said this was the first case of its kind in Kaohsiung.”

Doctors at Chang Gung diagnosed him with myocarditis that was possibly triggered by the vaccine. The boy is otherwise doing well and his father is warning parents not to rush their children to get a second shot.

Chen Ying-yao, Vice Superintendent, Jun-An Maternal and Pediatric Hospital: “Everyone's constitution is different, as is everyone's physical condition when they get vaccinated. Every batch of vaccines leaving the factory is also probably different.”

Citizen: “You should wait longer (between the first and second doses) and see how children are reacting. They're children, not adults.”

One pediatrician says everyone should keep in mind that everyone's constitution is different, and parents don't have to follow the central guideline of a second dose four to eight weeks after the first. The pediatrician says parents can decide for themselves when their child should get a second shot. In Chiayi, a 68-year-old man died hours after getting his fourth Moderna shot.

Family Member: “(He said) he wasn't feeling well. I said, "Let's go the hospital." He said, "It's not that serious."”

Chao Wen-hua, Director, Health Bureau, Chiayi County: “We will help the family ascertain if this was vaccine-related.”

To date, 14,026 fourth doses have been administered in Chiayi County. This was the first death reported after a fourth dose. The county says it will investigate the man's death and an autopsy has been scheduled.












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