Booster Requirement for Domestic Travel Canceled 國旅團客未打滿3劑 48小時篩陰證明可出遊

The stipulation requiring travelers in domestic tour groups to have received three vaccine doses was canceled starting June 21. Now, all that is needed is a negative result on a rapid test taken within 48 hours. 

Now, even people who haven't received three vaccine doses can join domestic tour groups and travel around Taiwan. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has announced that people who haven't received their booster can join tour groups as long as they provide a negative result on a rapid test taken within 48 hours. If a member of a tour group tests positive during the tour, the remaining travelers won't be affected and can continue with their journey. Experts point out tour group members sit together on buses, share meals, and may even share a room. This means they are at as much risk for spreading COVID-19 as family members that live together.

Lee Ping-ing, Member, Specialist Advisory Panel, CECC: “The amount of time that members of a tour group spend together is quite long. They may spend as much time together as family members. If a member of a tour group tests positive, that means that other members are at high risk of infection. Regulations on quarantine can be considered.”

The domestic epidemic situation appears to be improving, but many children are still developing severe cases. A pediatric emergency physician posted on Facebook about his experience treating an infected child in mid-May. The child arrived with a fever, difficulties breathing, and croup. His sternum and ribs also sank when he inhaled. Luckily, he was intubated and treated in time and his condition stabilized. He has already recovered and has been discharged.

Wu Chang-teng, Pediatric Emergency Physician, Linkou CGM Hospital: “His voice was hoarse, and he had a barking cough. There were wheezing sounds when he breathed. If his condition had worsened, then he would have developed the so-called sunken chest and even rib depressions.”

Central Epidemic Command Center statistics show the total number of children with severe COVID-19 cases currently stands at 62, including 21 with encephalitis, 12 with pneumonia, three with septicemia, seven with croup, 12 with MIS-C, and two with comorbidity. 18 have died, including five at home. Doctors say vaccination can prevent severe cases in children, and all adults and children eligible for vaccines should get vaccinated.









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