Zero Waste Detergent Refill Stations Open in Hualien 無包裝洗衣精補充站駐花蓮 自備容器環保

To reduce plastic waste, the Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau has set up four laundry detergent refill stations around the county.

Everyone in line at the zero waste laundry detergent refill station is holding some kind of empty container. The newly opened station is offering a promotion of one free liter for every two liters purchased, and another free liter for boosted people.

Ms. Chiang, Hualien Resident: “The packaging for refill bags gets discarded too, so supplying your own empty bottles is really good.”

This is Hualien's first zero waste laundry detergent refill station. Due to higher transport costs, companies were initially less willing to set up stations in Hualien than elsewhere. Carbon emissions are reduced by 0.34 kilograms per every plastic bottle that is refilled rather than sold.

Chang Hua-yu, Section Chief, Waste Control Div., Environmental Protection Bureau, Hualien County: “The detergent company uses a deposit system in other municipalities, but because operating in Hualien requires higher transport costs, they were willing to lower the rate here. Our bureau is acting as an intermediary to help them find suitable locations. Rent is offset by electricity subsidies of NT$150-200 per month.”

Formosa Biomedical Technology currently has four refill stations in Hualien, located at Tzu Chi University, Tzu Chi Hospital, a laundromat on Guomin 9th Street, and the south entrance of the youth residence in Sinchen Township.









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