Kaohsiung Police Issues Repeated Traffic Tickets Accidentally 一張照罰兩次 高市警重複開錯26張罰單

People have received tickets for violations, whether driving or riding a bicycle. A Kaohsiung driver received two tickets within a short period of time. It was the same incident, only the time stamp was different. After a police investigation, it was discovered that the police repeatedly issued as many as 26 tickets on the same day.

The driver took out the ticket. One dated May 28, the other June 3. Both fines were for driving straight and occupying the dedicated turning lane. Each fine was NT$600. The driver thought that she was unlucky. However, after a closer look, the photos of the two tickets were exactly the same, just at a different time, making the driver feel that this is nothing short of robbing the public.

Miss Li, Driver: “I don't go to that place very often, only once in a long time. So I looked carefully and wondered if it was a different road. But after comparing, I found even the cars around me were all the same.”

The tickets were issued at the intersection of Kaonan Highway and Chienli South Street in Kaohsiung's Nanzi. Miss Li wasn't the only victim. After an investigation by the Nanzi Precinct, they found the police repeatedly issued 26 tickets on the same day.

Wu Chiao-sheng, Captain, Traffic Div., Nanzi Precinct, Kaohsiung City Police Dept.: “Our investigation found the computer software repeatedly generated the same folder. Combined with police negligence, we repeatedly issued the same traffic tickets.”

The police said they will get to the truth and penalties will be handed out to the officer who issued the tickets once the investigation is complete. They will also notify the supervisory authority to withdraw the tickets and comprehensively check whether there are still similar incidents. At the same time, the police will strengthen training to avoid similar incidents from happening again.