Infected Students with Mild or No Symptoms Can Take AST 大學分科測驗 擬開放輕症.無症狀者應試

College entrance subject tests will be held on July 11 and 12, which will mark the first time infected students will sit for their exams in mass test sites.

High school graduates will take the last part of their college entrance exams -- subject tests -- on July 11 and 12. Education Minister Pan Wen-chung says infected students with mild or no symptoms can take the test alongside everyone else.

Pan Wen-chung, Education Minister: “Spaces are limited in the departments with the most competition -- for example, medical, dentistry, traditional Chinese medicine, and free teacher education programs. It is virtually impossible to open a special test site for infected examinees. Every municipality will have its own independent test site.”

Under the ministry's plans, every municipality will have its own independent test site. Examinees will need a doctor's permission to leave their homes and have to take a quarantine taxi or be driven by a family member they live with to the test site. During breaks and meal times, they must remain at the test site. One examinee says one-third to two-thirds of his classmates will be taking subject tests and this policy is making everyone more nervous and stressed.

Mr. Wu, Chenggong High School Graduate: “We can set aside whether this is a good or bad policy for now, but you can't ignore the fact that it will definitely psychologically affect everyone.”

The plan has been approved by the Central Epidemic Command Center and Premier Su Tseng-chang. Pan says students with symptoms must report them and their exam scores won't count if they try to hide anything.