8 Dead Including 4 Children from Hsinchu City Fire 竹市輪胎行大火8死 屋主次子涉縱火被逮

A fire broke out at around ten o'clock on the evening of the 15th at a Hsinchu City tire shop. The second son of the house owner, surnamed Chen, was arrested and suspected of starting the fire with gasoline. A total of eight people died from the fire.

The accused surnamed Chen was suspected of having a quarrel with his family due to dishwashing or money disputes. He was suspected of driving out to buy gasoline, and when he came back, set fire to the entire house. Nearby neighbors still can't believe it happened.

Nearby Neighbor: “How about their usual family relationship? Good. No friction. His mom just nagged him a little bit, like he didn't wash two bowls.”

According to preliminary investigation, as soon as the four adults found the motorcycle on the first floor was on fire, they immediately rushed to the second floor to save the four children. However, the fire spread rapidly. Firefighters determined that after the adults arrived on the second floor, they might have fainted and lost consciousness, and died with the children. Because the floor was lined with flammable wood, the fire was so intense that it burned directly through. The victims' bodies also fell from the second to the first floor.

Chang Chih-chih, Captain, First Battalion, Fire Bureau, Hsinchu City: “I just mentioned that the fire was fully burning. After the flammable materials on the first and second floors were completely burned through, some of the eight victims suspected to be in the front room on the second floor fell to the first floor.”

All of the remains have been identified. The police said that the suspect surnamed Chen had burns, was in a normal mental state, had no record of domestic violence, and had previous convictions such as theft and fraud. The deceased include his wife and their three children.

Su Wei-chuan, Chief, Second Precinct, Police Bureau, Hsinchu City: “The suspect surnamed Chen is a male born in 1991. After a suspected altercation with family members, he lit a fire with gasoline. The suspect was arrested on the spot when the police first arrived at the scene.”

The suspect's father came to the scene along with fire investigators. Among himself, his eldest son who's a volunteer soldier were both away from home when the fire broke out, narrowly escaped this fatal incident.