Taichung VGH Finds Success Treating Long COVID 「長新冠」症狀 常見注意力不集中.吸呼困難

Taichung reported 7,734 new domestic cases in Taiwan on June 12, the highest in Taiwan. Meanwhile, more and more Taichung residents are seeking help for long COVID symptoms including brain fog and respiratory issues.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital has treated 20 long COVID cases in the past three months. All of the patients were six months removed from having COVID-19. Some reported brain fog, while others were dealing with respiratory issues. Most showed improvement with integrative treatment after two or three appointments.

Liu Po-yu, Infectious Diseases Chief, Taichung Veterans General Hospital: “You feel like you can't focus and you're burned out. This affects your work, your family and your interpersonal relationships. If your primary symptoms are respiratory issues, exercising can be a challenge as well.”

Long COVID refers to long-term consequences after recovery from the initial infection, with symptoms ranging from anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain fog and cognitive dysfunction to respiratory issues, pulmonary fibrosis, arrhythmia, and multisystem inflammation. Taichung reported 7,734 new domestic cases on the 12th, the highest in Taiwan. There are 15 hospitals in the city with long COVID clinics. One official expects the number of long COVID cases to peak in July or August.

Tseng Tzu-chan (June 12, 2022), Director, Health Bureau, Taichung City: “The number of cases will probably peak in July or August. We hope people can remain careful even after they are no longer infected.”

The health bureau says 599 of Taichung's 1,378 COVID-19 beds are currently occupied. However, only nine and five of the city's 109 adults and 23 children's ICU beds are available, respectively. With medical capacity on the verge of collapse, officials are calling on everyone to remain careful and vigilant.