Newborn Tests Positive for COVID-19 高雄一名新生兒確診 轉送加護病房治療

A woman in her 30s  delivered a baby boy in Kaohsiung on June 6. However, five days later when he was transferred to a postnatal care center, he tested positive for COVID-19. No one he had contact, including hospital workers and his parents, tested positive. It remains unknown how he got infected.

A nurse outfitted in personal protective gear from head to toe enters the hospital while patients have their temperature checked at the door. A week-old infant delivered at the hospital was taken to a postnatal care center on the 11th and tested positive during check-in. The infant had never left the neonatal unit at the hospital or shared a room with his parents before then. It remains unknown how he got infected, as his parents, other infants in the neonatal center and all hospital workers that came into contact with him have all had negative PCR tests.

Lai Ping-chang, Epidemiologist: “He didn't leave the neonatal unit at all during the five days. Right now, we don't allow newborns to leave the neonatal unit at all. They don't even see their parents.”

The hospital says the boy has a Ct value of 26, which means his viral load isn't particularly high. His parents have never had COVID, so the only plausible theory is that he got infected at the hospital.

Lai Ping-chang, Epidemiologist: “We are still investigating how he got infected. We gave everyone that had contact with him rapid and PCR tests and they all came back negative.”

Citizen: “I mean, what can you do? Everyone just has to be careful. Nurses and doctors are under a great deal of stress too.”

The city government says the infant is currently in the ICU at a medical center and in stable condition. Two other newborns that were in the same neonatal unit have both tested negative. The hospital will continue monitoring their conditions and hopes to have answers on how the boy got infected soon.




高雄的一間醫院,有一名出生一個多禮拜的男嬰,11日下午轉往別院產後護理之家時,快篩陽性確診。但男嬰從出生到離開醫院,都只待在嬰兒室,也沒有跟父母同房過,而父母、接觸過嬰兒的醫院工作人員包括會進出嬰兒室的清潔人員,經PCR檢測都是陰性。男嬰從何感染 ? 院方表示正在釐清。