Lawmakers Call for Apple Daily Investigation 台灣蘋果新聞網出售 外界憂中資疑慮

M. Chuang
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There have been calls to the government to strictly review buyers of Apple Daily Taiwan as there may be Chinese investors involved.

Lawmakers call on President Tsai Ing-wen and the National Security Bureau to form a task force to nullify the transaction. According to reports, Hong Kong entrepreneur Kenny Wee -- considered a PRC investor -- is the new owner of Apple Daily Taiwan. Lawmakers say this creates a crisis in which Taiwanese media is in danger of being infiltrated by the Communist Party of China, and it calls for a national security-level review.

Chen Jiau-hua, Legislator (NPP): “Why get into a business, if not to make money? Especially if it's a Hong Kong investor with no ties to Taiwan. It's a bit farfetched and unconvincing for the reason to be to serve Taiwanese society.”

Chen Si-hao, Spokesperson, Apple Daily Union: “We haven't received any information on who the new owner is. We will tell them we want to retain our employees.”

The Apple Daily Union says it does not know who the new owner is, and its main concern is ensuring the new owner complies with labor laws and procedures if there are layoffs. The New Power Party says Apple Daily publishes many exposes and celebrity stories, and its database, which contains information on politicians and whistleblowers, can't fall into the hands of the CCP as it would use the information as evidence in national security cases.

Tseng Ming-chung, Legislator (KMT): “The government needs to clarify if there are foreign or PRC investors involved.”

Chiu Chui-cheng (June 10, 2022), Spokesperson, Mainland Affairs Council: “Everyone has their own theories. The relevant parties should offer an explanation and a thorough investigation should be conducted.”

The Mainland Affairs Council, meanwhile, says Apple Daily is a branch of a Hong Kong-owned company and a change of ownership has to comply with laws in Taiwan.